No More Song on Newgrounds

2017-10-25 21:36:49 by 586rick

Dear Friends, Fans, Fellow Artist

I will now Post my song on Youtube only since with my job and my daugther, time is pretty limited to deal both youtube and Newgrounds +my other pages. I will leave my song here and you can still send me message I will answer it. Here is my Youtube Page.

I am Happy to be with the community for 12 years now.  586rick

Facebook Likes or Twitter tweets

2014-09-25 11:46:29 by 586rick

Hey guys, since I am posting my song here and everywhere else I can. i"ve got my facebook page here

This is my twitter page

And for the last my Youtube page.

Thanks for the support and the help from all of you.



Start Back soon

2007-08-16 11:16:07 by 586rick

Hey guys I just created my artist page facebook, i'll give you the link if you want to check it out

ANd I am now posting my song on youtube, just research it by my name and you will find it.